Movement for Social Justice on Police Violence

43 in six months according to the PCA. It seems as though members of the police force have taken the commissioner’s use of force policy and his incendiary remarks about ‘cockroaches’ as a license to kill. This is not the first time that this has happened under the watch of Gary Griffith, as we had a similar spike when he was National Security Minister, and for which he was called out by the MSJ.

Guyana’s Political Tragedy

If we are prepared to listen, past the fraudulent triumphalism, past the yelling and the noise, past the racist stereotypes that Indians are scheming and want to grab power and keep it for themselves, or that Blacks lie and steal elections and have a monopoly on violence, perhaps in our quieter moments we will understand that this is the mandate that the Guyanese electorate has handed down, in 2011, in 2015 and now in the March 2nd election. Neither of the two political behemoths is to be fully trusted with a mandate to govern.

Neither Paean nor Pedestal – Reginald Dumas on Columbus

I repeat: Columbus is part of our history. We cannot excise him from that history, nor should we try. But we must remember what he was: an ultimately failed explorer, a torturer, an enthusiastic practitioner of genocide, a plunderer for whom material wealth held more than an ordinary attraction. Such a record doesn’t, in my opinion, entitle anyone to either paean or pedestal.

State of Emergency Declared in Puerto Rico Amid Worsening Drought

More than 26% of the island is experiencing a severe drought and another 60% is under a moderate drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Water rationing measures affecting more than 16,000 clients were imposed this month in some communities in the island’s northeast region.

Grenadians Protest for Man Beaten Over Killing of Dog

The news which aired on two main television stations’ Friday evening newscasts, immediately became the topic of discussion and was referred to as white foreigners having rights and privileges not afforded to nationals. The dog owner’s family name has not yet been made public by the police, but they are believed to be investors in a business at one of the island’s marinas.

The Netherlands Approves Military Assistance in Curaçao

Although the Dutch government suggests it will address symbols of colonialism and slavery in its capital city, it maintains in real life the actual edifice of colonialism in its Caribbean territories, which retain the Dutch monarch as Head of State. Statues and monuments must fall; and with them colonial arrangements. At the request of the Curaçao government, military personnel are deployed to support the Curaçao Police Corps with maintaining public order and safety and guarding and securing vital objects.