George Floyd’s Death Inspires a Global Response to Rampant Police Violence and Impunity

Fiery protest after fatal police shooting of man in St Mary, Jamaica

Residents staged a fiery protest in Stewart Town, St Mary on Monday after a man was fatally shot by the police at a house in the community.

The deceased has been identified as Savion Hinds. He is said to be in his twenties.

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The details of the incident are sketchy, but it is understood that the police were on an operation in the Stewart Town area, and went to a house where Hinds was reportedly staying for some time.

He was reportedly shot by the police during a confrontation, and later died.

An illegal firearm was reportedly retrieved from the house.

No further details were provided by the police on the scene, including the on-the- spot circumstances that led to the fatal shooting.

Shortly after Hinds’ death, residents blocked several sections of the Northern Coastal Highway in the vicinity of Stewart Town. The protesting residents set fire to debris, inconveniencing motorists travelling towards Ocho Rios in St Ann or Port Maria in St Mary.

The residents said Hinds was killed in cold blood, but the police denied the claims.

“Dem (the police) just shot him up suh,” declared one of the protesters.

“The man (Fabian Hinds) inna the house and di police just walk in. Better dem did shoot him inna the foot if dem did haffi shoot him,” another resident contended.

“We want justice,” declared the residents in general at the protest.

The roadblocks were eventually cleared by the police and members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is probing the incident.

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