State-Owned Corporations – Leader Calls for Workers Control

General Secretary of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration, David Denny would like to see the democratisation of some of this island’s state-owned corporations.

He stated this while speaking to the media at the front of the United States Embassy at Wildey, St. Michael. On Saturday, the organisation staged protest action at this location.

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“The government needs to democratise the state corporations like CBC, the airport, the seaport and allow working-class people to invest in these institutions rather than just create the condition for [the]private sector because working-class people have a lot of money within the credit unions to spend and the credit unions needs to back working-class people or back its members when it comes to the whole question of investment.”

In his remarks, he also shared his support for government’s BOSS programme noting that he sees it “as a project that will benefit working-class people within the public service.”

Turning his attention to speak about the Caribbean airline, LIAT, he shared he was not in favour of it being possibly liquidated. Rather, he suggested that “the credit unions in the Caribbean can be used to invest in LIAT.” He added, “the governments need to create the conditions for the credit movement if they need investment but I would not like to see that our travel is being taken over by all kinds of private sector agencies. I feel the people of the Caribbean should be the one in control.” He further made the suggestion that “governments need to create the conditions for ships to move around the region so that people can easily be transported in the Caribbean region.”(MG)

[Photo – David Denny – Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration during recent protest at US embassy, Bridgetown, Barbados – Barbados Today]

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