Cuba Proclaimed Safest Country In The Americas

Havana, Jul 22 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is the safest country in the region of the Americas, transcends today in the media from a statistical report of crime and security rates by nations.
According to the Numbeo platform, a global database of perceived crime rates, quality of medical care and other issues, the island has the lowest crime rate in the area, with 29.02 so far in 2020 .

It also indicates that the security index is 70.98, in elements such as the level of crime, security when walking on the streets, both day and night as well as robberies have been taken into account.

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The Caribbean nation appears ahead of first world countries such as Canada (second in the area) and the United States (fifth).

At world level, Cuba is located in 28th place, being one of the few States on the continent that manages to be above the global average in terms of security.

In general, the safest region is Europe, while South America is shown to be the one with the highest risks for travelers and residents.

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Havana celebrated her quintencenary in 2019
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