Nelson Statue to Be Removed from National Heroes Square, Barbados

Nanny Grigg Should Replace Colonialist Figurehead Says Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration

Now that the Government has agreed to remove the statue of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson from National Heroes Square, General Secretary of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration (CMPI) David Denny says it should be placed in a museum and not anywhere else on the island.

Following an announcement of Cabinet’s decision by Minister with responsibility for Culture John King, yesterday, Denny said Lord Nelson should not be placed in any area of Barbados to disrespect Barbadians.

“[A museum] is the best place for Lord Nelson so that he could be pointed at and the people of Barbados can speak about his history when he fought a battle against the abolition of slavery. I think our National Heroes Square should recognize Nanny Grigg and that the Government of Barbados should replace Lord Nelson with a statue of Nanny Grigg, who would have educated the slaves and help the slaves organize and fight a battle during the Bussa Rebellion,” Denny said.

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King clarified that the decision was made in light of the fact that substantial consultations were carried out about two decades ago by the National Heroes Square and Development Committee as well as the Committee of National Reconciliation, which both recommended that the statue should be replaced.

The Cabinet also made the decision that there should be no further public consultations with respect to the identification of a location for the statue, taking into account existing recommendations. It is intended that the removal and determination of a new location for the statue would take place during the Season of Emancipation, which ends on August 23.

Denny said agitating for the removal of the statue has been a long struggle, but Barbadians are now satisfied that they have achieved a major goal. He said the people of Barbados should celebrate the achievement on the Day of National Significance, Sunday, July 26 and on Emancipation Day Saturday August 1.

Black Lives Matter Protest June 2020

“The youth of Barbados must be complemented because the youth are the ones who took the struggle to a higher level when they demonstrated during the month of June, and the Caribbean Movement of Peace and Integration made the call for the Government to remove Lord Nelson statue before August 1. So I am happy that we have a statement before August 1 that indicate to the people of Barbados that Lord Nelson will be removed,” he said.

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