Emancipation Day 2020

By A. T. Freeman

In the long march towards total liberation the emancipation of the enslaved people by the British colonialists was a tactical retreat by them in the face of enduring, determined and persistent rebellion against their inhuman system.

It was neither charity nor philanthropy which pushed the situation forward but our ancestors’ resilience, indefatigable and indomitable quest to resolve the situation in our favour which achieved liberation and resulted in emancipation. Individual, collective and national resistance of the people compelled the slavemasters to sue for peace.

Whilst the oppression evolved from involuntary to voluntary servitude, then to colonial structures, and now to new forms of exploitation prolonging our current status as wage slaves, the struggle for complete liberation continues. The workers struggles of the 1930s, the achievement of formal independence in most states and ongoing efforts to create societies that meet people’s needs continue.

We have posted two articles in recognition of Emancipation Day in the English speaking Caribbean to mark this important day in our Caribbean history.

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