Martinique – Opposition To Racism and Discrimination

Information received in the COPE News Desk reports on incidents of discrimination and racism in Martinique. [1] We post for the benefit of our readers a flier on protest action scheduled for 22 August 2020.

‘We note that racism is increasingly expressing itself freely in Martinique; racist comments, on social media and other (example of the latest events of the Diamond) insults made by police in the Khézia case, complaints from French residents against their Martinican neighbours, discrimination against hiring, attempts to ban Martinicans from accessing certain places, etc..’

‘Old and new settlers feeling the culmination of “genocide by substitution” feel emboldened and uninhibited.

In peace and dignity let’s mobilize Saturday, August 22, 2020 at Diamond to signify to these people that we intend to uphold our rights and interests. Come with your masks, flashlights or frontal lights and of course with our flags RVN.

[Original script translated and amended by COPE blog editor for clarity]

[1] The National Assembly of France voted in 1946 to change the status of the island from that of a colony of France into a department, known in French as a Département d’outre-mer or DOM.

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