Trinidad and Tobago – Necessity for Change

Political Commentator’s Call To Action

by Clyde Weatherhead

Response to Tony Fraser’s column published in the Trinidad and Tobago Sunday Guardian on the eve of the 58th Anniversary of Independence:

“The Necessity for Change in this moment is an objective reality.
You have recognized it.
I have recognized it.
Many have recognized it.

The congruence of the views of many – commentators, analysts, politicians-without-being-party-partisan, citizens – is at the stage of recognizing that the Necessity exists, Defining the Change is not at the point of consensus (at least among a critical mass). In 1986 and 2010, or just prior, the Necessity was understood only at the level of the need to replace the PNM. The Change ended up being ‘exchange’ with a twist – not sustained or sustainable. Why?

Because, beyond recognition of the Necessity for Change, defining THE CHANGE and organizing to make it happen were not achieved. The New philosophy, definition of the National Purpose and the formulation of the Plan to make that Purpose reality were not and remain to achieved. That was the effort of Geddes Granger (Makandal Daaga) and the organization PEGASUS, that he created in our year of Independence, 1962.

In 2020, those who recognize the Necessity for Change, must now recapture the spirit of Pegasus (the Spirit of Independence) and move beyond the recognition of the Necessity. Are those recognizing the Necessity now prepared to get together and move beyond, rather than remaining individual without moving to be a Collective. The multiplicity of small parties (including individuals) have refused for at least 2 years to even sit down and talk about the possibilities. Why?

Because each leader (some without followers) have accepted the Old definitions of Leader and Politician (as a special breed of citizen) imposed in 1956 and prior. Let us see if they and others are now prepared to venture onto the road of Action with Analysis that is needed.

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