Open Letter to Caribbean Examinations Council [CXC]

While the entire region is in uproar at their incompetency to provide accurate results reflective of students’ efforts and capabilities, they continue to provide us with computer generated responses about paying for a query or review of results. Why should we have to pay for a mistake on their part, when there is clearly something wrong with the system?

Remembering Phyllis Coard, the unsung hero and champion of women’s rights in Grenada

The author of Unchained – A Caribbean Woman’s Journey Through Invasion, Incarceration and Liberation, lived and worked in London before joining the revolution led by Maurice Bishop in Grenada in 1979. She became the passionate Minister for Women in the People’s Revolutionary Government and represented Grenada’s women’s movement at the Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) and was the driving force behind significant gains in the position and status of women.

Soberana – Cuba’s COVID-19 Vaccine

The candidate vaccine that the island is producing is advancing steadily. Since clinical trials began on August 24, "it has reported zero serious adverse events after the injection of the first 20 volunteers," tweeted Dagmar García Rivera, director of research at the Finlay Institute, the Cuban state scientific centre that is directing the project. The sample will include 676 people between the ages of 19 and 80 with the results expected on February 1. In the event there is a happy ending, Cuba will have its own vaccine available to the population in the first quarter of 2021.

Venezuelan Party Rejects Pompeo’s Threats, Refutes UN Commission on Human Rights Manipulation

We consider that the report presented by the Independent International Mission of the United Nations Organization (UN) has serious methodological weaknesses that make it unreliable since it was not prepared in situ and, according to the authors themselves, much of the research was based on in information published on social networks (twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.) as well as alleged confidential interviews.

Statement From Working People’s Alliance on Pompeo’s Guyana Visit

WPA believes that the arrival in Guyana of the USA Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, on the heels of the active role of the US diplomatic operatives and the Secretary himself in the recently concluded General and Regional elections is not accidental. The fact that the Secretary is also visiting neighboring Suriname is also noted. … Continue reading Statement From Working People’s Alliance on Pompeo’s Guyana Visit

Colombie: la statue d’un conquistador déboulonnée

En Colombie, des Amérindiens ont abattu une statue à l'effigie d'un conquistador espagnol du XVIème siècle. Selon eux, il est un symbole des violences dont ils ont été victimes dans l'histoire. Continue reading at: La statue renversée est celle d'un conquistador espagnol du XVIème siècle, Sebastián de Belalcázar. Elle avait été érigée en 1937 aux … Continue reading Colombie: la statue d’un conquistador déboulonnée

Workers Discuss Resistance to Ongoing Covid-19 Layoffs

OVER 100 staff of Jaxx restaurant at MovieTowne, Port of Spain have been temporarily laid off within the last six months. Frustrated workers met with representatives of the [National Union of Government and Federated workers Union] NUFGW on Wednesday and are seeking compensation, saying they are now on the breadline. They are calling on the … Continue reading Workers Discuss Resistance to Ongoing Covid-19 Layoffs