Peoples Anti-Corruption Movement Launched in Jamaica.

Following the general election in Jamaica, in which Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ Jamaica Labour Party [JLP] won a victory in which 67% of those eligible to vote did not,  an anti-corruption movement has been launched.  Led by radio journalist Lloyd D’Aguilar the campaign will take up an issue apparently ignored during electioneering. According to it’s Facebook page the aim of Movement is to agitate for a People’s Commission of Enquiry into Corruption and a People’s Forensic Audit of the Public Debt.

Calling on Jamaicans to investigate the issue of corruption and declaring an intention to mobilise a team to present an open letter to the Prime Minister the Peoples Anti-Corruption Movement released the following statement.


The Fight Against Corruption

1. Whereas Jamaica is regarded as one the most corrupt countries in the world;

2. Whereas this corruption costs the people an estimated US$700m annually;

3. Whereas this corruption undermines the provision of basic social services such as health and education, and thereby exacerbating the poverty situation; and

4. Whereas radical changes are necessary in our governance system in order to end this corruption;

We the people demand a People’s Commission of Enquiry into State Corruption.

This is necessary in order to expose the mechanism of corruption that exists in the State and governance system and to highlight the changes that are necessary.

Whereas there are estimates that as much as 70% of Jamaica’s $2 trillion debt is corrupt, and which should not be paid for by the people

We the people also demand that there be: A People’s Forensic Audit of the Public Debt.

This People’s Forensic Audit of the Public Debt will serve as an extension of the People’s Commission of Enquiry into State Corruption.

The working poor cannot be held responsible for illegitimate and corrupt debt from which they have received no benefits.

Following the September 3 General Elections, Prime Minister Andrew Holness declared that “this government does not stand for corruption.”

We therefore call upon the Prime Minister to prove that he really does not stand for corruption by immediately agreeing to provide state resources and state cooperation with the People’s Anti-Corruption Enquiry and the People’s Forensic Audit of the Public Debt that is being demanded by the people.

Failure to facilitate these people demands will, on the contrary, only serve to prove that the Prime Minister as head of government does facilitate and stand for corruption.

The test of State Corruption begins with the Prime Minister. The days of empty political posturing is at an end.

We await his response. But we need to hear your voice.

Lloyd D’Aguilar



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