Statement From Working People’s Alliance on Pompeo’s Guyana Visit

WPA believes that the arrival in Guyana of the USA Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, on the heels of the active role of the US diplomatic operatives and the Secretary himself in the recently concluded General and Regional elections is not accidental.

The fact that the Secretary is also visiting neighboring Suriname is also noted. Further, the evasiveness of the government regarding the purpose of the visit lends credence to the view that it has national security implications for Guyana.

WPA finds it difficult to accept the government’s and the US State Department’s explanation that it is merely a routine visit to show solidarity with “democracy “ in Guyana and the region. Why now? Why Guyana? What democracy? If history tells us anything, such high-level US presence in a small Caribbean country hints at a larger agenda.

The USA and other First World countries have not disguised their interest in Guyana in the wake of its substantial oil discovery. And the USA’s interest in Guyana as a potential ally in its attempt at regime change in Venezuela has not been denied by Washington.

It is against that background that WPA is forced to speculate that the solicitation of Guyana’s assistance in a potential or imminent American offensive in Venezuela is high on the USA’s agenda. If this is indeed the case, WPA feels compelled to warn the Guyana government against entangling our country in the US-Venezuela conflict.

It is a high-risk endeavor that is pregnant with outcomes that would be detrimental to Guyana’s territorial integrity and the country’s security, including its economic security.

While we fully understand that having benefited from regime change, the PPP government is under pressure to repay its benefactors, Guyana’s safety is too high a price to pay.

WPA, therefore, calls on all Guyanese stakeholders including those supportive of the PPP to put pressure on the government to resist the temptation to go in that direction.

Guyana’s geographical proximity to Venezuela puts it at risk even without active support for the USA. It follows that should we become embroiled in the conflict, Guyana and Guyanese would most likely end up as collateral damage. That is an outcome that we could ill afford.

Finally, WPA notes that many of those local and regional forces which wittingly and unwittingly supported the recent regime change in Guyana are silent on the Pompeo visit and the possibility of the country’s support for interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs.

Should the government take Guyana into the conflict, these forces must bear equal responsibility for the consequences.

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