Emancipation Support Committee Warns – US Military Attack on Venezuela May Be Imminent

The US military threat has been manifest for several months. For example, military assets placed in the Caribbean sea were detailed in the Miami Herald as early as April 4, 2020, by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. These included Navy destroyers, Coast Guard cutters, Navy littoral combat ships, helicopters, Navy P-8 patrol aircraft, along with Air Force E-3 AWACS and E-8 JSTARS to carry out airborne surveillance, control, and communications.

Movement for Social Justice [MSJ] Questions Motives behind Pompeo’s Visit to Guyana

The MSJ calls on regional governments to stand their ground on the well-established principles of international relations and to let the Government of Guyana know that it must not allow itself to be used as a pawn in the US agenda of regime change in Venezuela.

U.S Secretary of State’s Visit to Guyana

Organization for the Victory of the People (OVP) opposes US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s visit to Guyana at this time because we believe that the primary purpose of his visit is to persuade the PPP Regime to allow Guyana to be used as a base to attack our western neighbour, Venezuela. We call on the PPP Government to reject any proposal from Mike Pompeo which would trample on Guyana and Venezuela’s sovereignty and God-given right to self-determination.

Guyana Human Rights Association Responds to Imminent Visit of US Secretary of State

Rumours of an ‘October surprise’ in the form of pressure on Venezuela prior to elections in both the US and Venezuela have been intensifying for some time. Economic and military pressure along with covert operations and disinformation campaigns have been reported, involving Colombian and Brazilian military. Some form of invasion or uprising has not been ruled out, supposedly timed to impact on the US elections in a manner beneficial to President Trump.

When The Arsonist Returns To The Scene Of The Crime Dressed As A Firefighter

The people of Guyana cannot put their faith in those who set the country on fire in 1953 nor those who have been fanning the flames ever since for their own benefit. They need to rediscover the unity that served them so well in the anti-colonial struggle and use it to plot an escape from the division, killing and insecurity generated by the communalism and racism that currently plague them.


Organization for the Victory of the People (OVP) is calling on every Guyanese citizen to take responsibility for the terrible state of affairs that led to the savage killings of Isaiah and Joel Henry and Haresh Singh. In the words of Martin Carter, “all are involved, all are consumed”.

Plight of Foreign Trade in Latin America and Caribbean Due to Pandemic

According to the United Nations organization, in a more uncertain and more regionalized global economy, it is crucial that regional integration be intensified. To achieve this, it is necessary to foster regional value chains in strategic sectors, taking advantage of the scale that a market of 650 million inhabitants offers; promote the agenda of "paperless trade" and a common digital market; reduce the region's vulnerability to external shocks; and bring about a more symmetrical dialogue with the United States, China and Europe.

Observations on the Jamaican General Election

Gradually, voter participation has declined to such alarming levels that questions of legitimacy and the right to rule - constitutionally authorized by Westminster first past the post (FPTP) formalization - must become an agenda issue if democracy is not only to be preserved but evolve.