Mother’s quest for answers

The mother of the man who claimed he suffered police beatings while in custody, recalled today that she wrote to the Commissioner of Police to complain about her son’s treatment.

Andrew Harclyde Pollard, who is on trial for the March 2014 murder of Onicka Gulliver, claims he was beaten while in police custody. He visited a number of doctors in relation to injuries sustained from the alleged beating which included damage to his left ear which affected his hearing. Pollard also said he was also stripped naked, wrapped in plastic, waterboarded and shocked in the genitals by policemen.

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Cheryl Cadogan said after getting information from Dr Vincent Clarke and speech and hearing therapist Ben Stabler regarding her son’s ear, she and her husband wanted to investigate the matter further.

“I had a discussion with my husband and we both agreed that if his ear still had all this damage we should go back to the doctors he saw while in custody,” she recalled.

She said she made appointments to see both Dr Ross Herbert and Dr Murray.

First she went to Dr Murray’s office and he denied knowing Pollard.

“I asked him if he knew Pollard and he said ‘no, I’ve never seen him’. Three times he denied him. I pulled out the copy of the prescription and I asked: ‘do you write prescriptions for patients you haven’t seen? Invisible patients?’ And he said no,” she said.

She told him that the medical board didn’t issue two persons with the same registration number and then displayed the prescription for him to see.

“That is when his attitude changed toward the whole discussion and he said I can get a copy of the findings from the Commissioner’s journal and I said to him: would the journal contain all the injuries my child suffered?”

She said Herbert took weeks to prepare his report.

Cadogan also wrote to the Commissioner of Police to complain about the beatings.

“I got correspondence of acknowledgement and further correspondence saying the matter is still under investigation and signed by Oral Williams,” she testified.

The mother said that the last correspondence she received informed her that the matter had been investigated, files were sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions Office and instructions were “not to press any charges against the police but to let the matter go to a voir dire”.

She said there was no other correspondence even after attorney-at-law Sydney Pinder who is representing her son, wrote on their behalf to find out more about the issue.

The matter continues tomorrow in the No. 2 Supreme Court where Justice Randall Worrell presides and Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Alliston Seale represents the Crown.

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