Haitian Groups Demand Reparations for UN Cholera Victims

The campaign seeks compensation for 800,000 victims contaminated by Cholera and justice for the victims of sexual exploitation, including children.

Haitian organizations are demanding compensation for thousands of victims of Cholera and an end to impunity, ten years after the United Nations (UN) introduced the deadly disease into the country.

As the UN celebrates its 75th anniversary, a campaign is seeking to round up 100,000 signatures on the UN75 website, to request reparations for at least 10,000 Haitians killed by Cholera. The campaign cites 800,000 Haitians as having been contaminated.

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The intergovernmental organization denied its importation of the cholera bacterium by its own peacekeepers for six years, until issuing an apology in 2016. The last reported case of Cholera was reported in January 2019.

Despite all of the conclusive evidence regarding the organization’s role in the deadly outbreak, no legal responsibility has been taken and victims have not received reparations.

The organizations promoting the campaign are listed as follows: PAPDA, POHDH, RNDDH, CE-JILAP, BAI, MOLEGHA, Konbit Fanm Saj, and MODEP.

They are also calling for justice for women and young people who were raped by Minustah soldiers and are demanding an end to occupation and military interventions.

The UN has been accused of committing a sea of crimes in Haiti during the period following the 2019 earthquake but violations had begun years before.

Sexual exploitation and rape of young children, among other abuses by peacekeeping soliders known as ‘Minustah’ were carried out between 2004 to 2017.

UN peacekeepers fathered and abandoned at least hundreds of children and in 2007 it was revealed that 108 peacekeepers ran a sex ring with local women, many of whom were minors.

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[Photo – Haitians demonstrate against United Nations operations in their country – via Twitter @madanboukman]

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