A Call to Action! In Defence of our Sovereignty and Self-Determination!

The Assembly of Caribbean People

Asamblea de los Pueblos del Caribe
Assembly of Caribbean People
Assemblée du Peuple Caraïbe
Assemblee van het Caraibissch Volk
Asanble Pep Karayib La

Declared on October 12, 2020 in recognition of the 528 years of the indigenous people’s resistance following the arrival of the colonists, Christopher Columbus and his team, on the land of America.


The Assembly of Caribbean People (ACP) is a process of bringing Caribbean people together across the lines of division created by our shared history of colonialism. The Assembly process is into its 28th year with a Preparatory Conference having been held in 1992 and the First Assembly in 1994. The Eighth Assembly was held last year. Through the years the Assembly has stayed true to its commitment to defend the Sovereignty and the right to the self-determination of the Region and the Welfare of the People of the Caribbean. It is out of this commitment to our Founding Principle that the Regional Executive Committee of the Assembly of Caribbean People issues this Call to Action today.

Consistent with our Founding Principle of Defending the Sovereignty of the Caribbean Region; and with the Calls, Declarations and Resolutions of the Assembly of Caribbean People;
Standing in full agreement with the internationally recognised Principles of the Non-Interference by one state in the internal affairs of another state and the respect by states of the sovereignty of other states;
Committed to the policy that the Caribbean must be a Zone of Peace, a position that has been adopted by our regional inter-governmental bodies such as the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), and the Association of Caribbean States (ACS);
Being a People and Region with a proud tradition and history of struggle against colonialism and imperialism beginning with the Haitian Revolution in 1804 and continuing with the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and the successful movement for independence throughout the English speaking countries from 1962;
The Assembly of Caribbean People, being a process that brings Caribbean people together across the lines of division created by our shared history of colonialism; and which process is now in its 28th year; Declares that We:
Unreservedly Condemn the actions of the Trump regime and the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in its strategy that seeks to weaken the unity and integration of the Caribbean by holding bilateral meetings with Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) such as have occurred in Jamaica in February 2020 and by Pompeo’s visit to Suriname and Guyana in September;
Totally Denounce the colonial and imperial arrogance of the US Secretary of State who offers some trinkets to our countries and seeks in return the support of governments for the US agenda of regime change in Venezuela;
Categorically Reject the inherently racist and condescending position that the United States and the Trump regime in particular is an example of electoral democracy and the rule of law, and that the US can and has contributed to democratic processes in Guyana; when the historical facts are that the US subverted democracy in Guyana, frustrated the electoral will of the people, and supported the British colonial act of suspending the Guyanese Constitution and jailing the entire elected Government of Guyana in 1953; and then fomented the division of the Guyanese people along racial lines leading to violence in the 1960’s, the legacy of which has plagued Guyana to this very day as manifested by the protracted process of the recent elections and the violence that burst out subsequently;
Categorically Reject the inherently racist and condescending position that the United States and the Trump regime in particular is an example of electoral democracy and the rule of law, and that the US can and has contributed to democratic processes in Haiti; when the historical facts are that the US has consistently invaded Haiti, militarily occupied this sovereign and independent state, subverted its democracy; imposed and supported vicious and brutal dictators on the Haitian people; and continues to interfere in Haiti’s internal affairs by foisting Washington’s choice on the people; in addition to impoverishing the people through the enforcement of economic policies that allow (US) multinational corporations to extract millions of dollars in profits and deny Haiti the possibility of pursuing sustainable development; also, through Pompeo, the United States is actively campaigning for the destruction of the Constitution of 87 and unreservedly supports the decried, illegal, illegitimate and bloodthirsty power of Jovenel Moïse and the PHTK, which is leading the country on a new dictatorial adventure;

Vigorously Oppose any attempt, plan or act that involves the use of military force of any kind by any state and, in particular by the United States and its surrogates Colombia and Brazil, to invade the sovereign state of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela;
Strongly warn the Governments of Guyana and Suriname not to allow themselves, their sovereign territory and their people to be used by any foreign state that may be considering invading or intervening militarily in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela;
Unreservedly Condemn the unilateral imposition by the United States’ Trump regime of illegal and illegitimate sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and corporations such as PDVSA and its subsidiaries legally owned by the Venezuelan state, as well as sanctions imposed on a number of persons who hold government office; which sanctions have included the illegal seizure of billions of dollars legally and legitimately earned by Venezuelan state owned companies; and at the same time we condemn the illegal seizure by the United Kingdom of gold valued at billions of dollars owned by the Venezuelan state;
Absolutely censure the US for its stated objective of regime change in Venezuela and are aware that:
• the unilateral imposition of the illegal sanctions by the US;
• the fomenting and financing of civil unrest and violence in order to destabilise the country;
• the hiring of mercenaries to invade Venezuela;
• the diplomatic manoeuvres by the Lima Group at the Organisation of American States;
• the reckless allegations and lies by the US that Venezuela is a rogue state and that its leadership are narco-traffickers;
• the locating of major US naval assets in waters close to Venezuela supposedly to deal with drug interdiction; and
• the most recent attempt to use the cover of the United Nations to publish a report commissioned by the Lima Group in order to discredit and demonise the Bolivarian Republic and its Government
are all part of the mechanisms being used to bring about regime change and the replacement of the democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro by the great pretender Juan Guiado, the chosen one by the US;
Categorically Condemn the actions by the Trump regime for sanctions that have intensified and made more brutal the illegal, illegitimate and criminal US economic, trade and financial blockade of the Republic of Cuba, which blockade the entire world – except for the US and the state of Israel – has said is illegitimate and contrary to international law and norms of international relations as expressed through the near unanimous vote year after year of Resolutions at UN General Assembly demanding that the US end the blockade;
Express our Outrage at the total absence of all humanitarian values by the Trump regime for its total refusal in this time of the global Covid 19 pandemic, to even consider lifting the unilateral sanctions that it has illegally and illegitimately imposed on the Republic of Cuba, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Nicaragua – all members states of the ACS and CELAC; and which sanctions and blockade are resulting in the loss of life and human suffering as these countries battle the pandemic while being denied critically needed resources and medicines;
Further Express our Outrage at the lack of humanity demonstrated by the Trump regime’s threat to sanction Caribbean nations for our accepting the generosity and solidarity of the Cuban Revolution and people of Cuba, manifest concretely through Cuban medical brigades working in our countries over many decades; which Cuban medical professionals have been invaluable and indispensable in the delivery of health care to millions of Caribbean people who would not have been able to access quality health care; and which solidarity was exceptional in assisting the Haitian people to battle cholera, a devastating earthquake; and many other Caribbean countries to recover from devastation caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters. The solidarity of Cuba to the Caribbean has been especially important in the Covid pandemic as our health care systems were stretched thin and Cuba’s assistance has saved countless lives;
Stand United in our commitment to defend our Sovereignty, our dignity and our humanity, and to oppose the agenda of the United States, which can best be described as the bullying tactics of an imperialist power that believes that it owns our Caribbean as was set out in the Munroe Doctrine of two hundred years ago; which era came to an end through the struggles of our people for freedom and the right to self-determination;
Hereby Resolve to Take the Following Immediate Actions in furtherance of this commitment and in solidarity with all those who today are fighting for social justice; against racism, xenophobia, discrimination and neo-fascism; and who are struggling against colonialism and the
dangerous actions of the imperialist regime of Trump that threaten peace and which cause the loss of lives in this time of the Covid 19 pandemic:
1. The Regional Executive Committee (REC) of the Assembly will circulate this Resolution widely to Caribbean social movements, progressive NGO’s, faith based organisations and political parties and progressive intellectuals, artists and personalities for their formal endorsement
2. The Regional Executive Committee will hold a Regional Press Conference virtually, to issue this Call to Action on Monday October 12 at 10.30 am (Eastern Caribbean Time)
3. The Assembly will issue an Open Letter to all Heads of Government of CARICOM identifying our concern about the US strategy of divide and rule in the Caribbean; to call on CARICOM Heads to resist these manoeuvres and to maintain unity and to reject the US criminal agenda to intervene in Venezuela contrary to all international principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of another state and the respect for the sovereignty of a state; to reiterate its commitment to a peaceful, negotiated resolution of the internal conflict in Venezuela; and to stand firm that the Caribbean is a Zone of Peace
4. The Assembly will send an Open Letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations in support of the Haitian people’s demand for reparations due to the people of Haiti resulting from the introduction of cholera into Haiti by the UN MINUSTAH and the consequent massive loss of life and even larger numbers of people who were stricken with illness. This letter will be copied to the Foreign Ministers of our countries for their attention and action. This letter will be issued on October 19th, the anniversary date of the introduction of cholera into Haiti
5. The Assembly will issue an Open Letter to the US State Department demanding the end of the blockade against Cuba; the return by the US to Cuba of the military base at Guantanamo. This letter to be delivered to the US Embassy in our respective countries
6. The Assembly will issue an Open Letter to Caribbean Diaspora in the United States calling on them to “Dump Trump” and the Republicans “down the ticket” because of the policies that are causing great harm to the people of the Caribbean and to identify the danger that Trump and the Republicans pose to the Caribbean Diaspora in terms of its racism; xenophobia, its anti-immigrant stance, Trump’s refusal to condemn, indeed to in effect endorse white supremacy and white racist terror organisations such as “The Proud Boys” and other manifestations of neo-fascism.
Further Resolve:
• to remain eternally vigilant, for the price of freedom is eternal vigilance,
• to strengthen our solidarity,
• to continue to educate and inform our people, and
• to take other actions as and when needed, including participating in activities organised by other national, regional and international movements,
And we do all this in recognition that a conscious and united people can never be defeated!
#One Caribbean! #Caribbean a Zone of Peace! #Respect our Sovereignty!


1. David Abdulah, Trinidad & Tobago
2. David Denny, Barbados
3. Camille Chalmers, Haiti
4. Robert Sae, Martinique
5. Ivan Rodriquez, Dominican Republic
6. Hilda Guerrero, Puerto Rico
7. Cuban chapter of ACP, Cuba
8. Claudette Etnel, Suriname

Please use the link below to access the audio and video files for this morning’s Assembly of Caribbean People Press Conference


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