Will The 11+ Always Be With Us?

In spite of decades of protest against the 11+ examination, a sustained call to action is required to facilitate change. In the absence of the political will for change, the traumas inflicted on students, parents, and teachers during examination preparations will continue. Those students deemed to have ‘failed’ will be burdened by the pressures of school and society long after they have completed the 11+ examination with many carrying this burden well into their adult years.

Security Company Workers Down Tools

“G4S workers are out here today with saddened hearts. They are frustrated and they believe it is time that not only do they have improved conditions that they have been fighting for, but that both the company and the Barbadian society recognize the value that security officers at all levels have provided to the economy of Barbados and to the growth and productivity of the company which they all represent,” Williams said.

The Club Barbados Agrees To Pay Axed Workers In Full

The decision follows two days of sheer frustration expressed by the former workers in the form of protests at the Sunset Crest, St James property last Wednesday, and again at the BWU’s Harmony Hall headquarters on Tuesday, following a meeting with the union’s General Secretary Senator Toni Moore on Friday.

UK Chief of Defence Staff Hosts Regional Summit

The people of the Caribbean must demand an end to the presence of colonial military forces in our region. The UK is a European country and its military forces have no place in the Caribbean. Our region is supposed to be a zone of peace. Harbouring warmongers like the UK government will only bring trouble to all of us. All colonial military forces out of the Caribbean

Hotel Workers Demand Full Redundancy Pay

This outrageous treatment of the hotel workers by the US corporation Elite Island Resorts must be condemned. The Florida based corporation, owns a string of luxury resorts across the Caribbean and is perfectly able to pay the workers their redundancy payments. Whilst Mia Mottley's administration has refuted the allegation the Bajan government has been criticised for apparently colluding with this foreign company to abuse Barbadian workers. Such collusion would be unacceptable for the government to use taxpayers money to cover any portion of the redundancy payments which are the sole responsibility of the company. Did the company hand over 75% of its profits in taxes when it was making money? In any event, the NIS is currently unable to pay many unemployed workers their benefits on time and so there is no possibility that these workers will receive the rest of their redundancy any time soon. Elite Island Resorts and their senior vice president Mark Grebby must stop their abuse of the hotel workers and pay them their full redundancy payments immediately.

Bajan Airport Workers Protest

After management failed to fulfill a promise to give them vacation pay and other outstanding payments by Tuesday, some of the employees who were made redundant in early October picketed opposite the Grantley Adams International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, complaining that correspondence between them and the company had been practically non-existent for some time.

The Caribbean islands poisoned by a carcinogenic pesticide

"First we were enslaved. Then we were poisoned." That's how many on Martinique see the history of their French Caribbean island that, to tourists, means sun, rum, and palm-fringed beaches. Slavery was abolished in 1848. But today the islanders are victims again - of a toxic pesticide called chlordecone that's poisoned the soil and water and been linked to unusually high rates of prostate cancer.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into The Fire

It is dangerous for the people of the Caribbean to harbour any illusions about the nature of the incoming administration in the USA. Like all other US governments, it will pursue the interests of the US oligarchy. The people of the Caribbean need to press on with our struggle to strengthen our independence, protect our region as a zone of peace and bring about a situation in which our people are empowered and their fundamental human rights are properly guaranteed.