Cuba Pioneers Covid-19 Vaccine Development

Should any of these efforts ultimately succeed, the Caribbean nation — already a medical powerhouse that has developed a lung cancer vaccine and methods to stop mother-to-baby HIV and syphilis transmission — will likely become an important supplier to other Latin American and developing countries who have been effectively shut out from purchasing COVID vaccines from Western companies, as rich nations have already begun hoarding coronavirus medicines.

Nelson Statue Removed

For the most part, Barbadians were happy to see the back of Lord Nelson. The large crowd on hand to witness the removal of the statue from National Heroes’ Square this evening clapped and screamed in delight when the crane lifted the statue from its resting place. The majority of those who spoke to Barbados TODAY said they believed it was high time the sculpture was moved.

Countering misreporting about Phyllis Coard, on the occasion of her death in September 2020

The imprisoned 17, during the period of revolutionary change that they and others led in Grenada, had designed, launched and implemented far-reaching social and economic reforms from which Grenadians still benefit today. Phyllis Coard was part of this process, playing a leading role as a champion for the rights of women and children in Grenada.

The CXC Exam Crisis 2020: Communication Is A Good Thing

CXC’s poor communications response, nearly eight weeks into this debacle, only compounds the questions regarding CXC’s competence. Hard truths are still truths; defensiveness and refusal to accept ownership of even some of these challenges destroy public trust, which is almost impossible to regain thereafter.

Martinique Records 28,000 Cases Of Dengue, 12 Deaths

As the the world remains fixated with Covid 19, other significant public health threats are being overlooked. The ongoing dengue fever outbreak in the Caribbean is one such. The devastating effect this is having on people's health is a further sign of the failure of those in power, which in Martinique's case is France's colonial authorities, to provide people with a modern health care system.

Caribbean Historian Proposes ‘Decolonization of Nomenclature!’

Online regional classroom considers untold stories of the encounters between the Caribbean’s First Peoples and Europeans after 1492 — of their bravery and resistance, stout defense of their islands, truces and treaties that were violated, the massacres they suffered, the conquests and banishments – and their survival despite it all.