The Writer as a Cultural Activist: One Hundred Years of Kriol Usage in Belizean Literature

Two of the ways by which Belizean writers have challenged the status quo and asserted their cultural identity are through their choices of subject matter and use of their mother tongues. These include, to varying degrees, Spanish, Garifuna, Maya Mopan, Maya Q’eqchi’ and Kriol. This paper focuses on the Kirol language and its deployment by Belizean writers as a form of cultural activism.

Caribbean Labour Market in Worst-Ever Crisis

The 2020 Labour Overview includes a special theme that analyzes various repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis, including the measures taken by governments to protect jobs, income, and the operation of companies in times of emergency. The report says it was an important effort, even though “in some cases there was the feeling that the aid was late, or that it was not enough to cover the lost income.”

Organisation of American States (OAS) Accommodation of Guaidó Attack on Trinidad and Tobago Wrongly Allowed But Rightly Resisted

Events at the Organisation of American States (OAS) continue to reveal that, notwithstanding the efforts by some of its 33 member states, the Organisation is the handmaiden of powerful governments which control it through various methods.

Venezuela Elections

US Dragooning CARICOM Into Its Continued Efforts To Overthrow The Democratically Elected Government of Venezuela By A.T. Freeman Following the successfully concluded parliamentary elections in Venezuela on 6 December, the United States has stepped up its illegal efforts to overthrow the government in that country and replace it with a hand chosen puppet. Calm and … Continue reading Venezuela Elections

International Observers Report on Venezuela Elections

The different groups of observers toured various voting poll centers in the city of Caracas, neighboring cities and inland states, where beyond some delays arising from the situation of the pandemic that affects the world, the elections began in a timely manner, with designated authorities and in most of the voting poll centers, observers from the different political forces participating in the elections were present.

Embarrassed By The CXC Dilemma

The only UNICEF-appointed Children Champion in the Caribbean Marshall-Harris said there is an urgent need to rectify the controversy which surrounds alleged discrepancies in the grading system which has led to students across the region applying for reviews. The children advocate said the worst story she has heard regarding the controversy came out of Belize where it was only discovered recently that examination papers have been lost and were not corrected. Marshall-Harris said the situation is horrific and causes her to feel deeply for the students who took the examinations last school year and got poor showing out of no-fault of their own.

UK Worried About BVI’s Role In Drug Transshipment

Outdated colonialist structures continue to hamper the independence and sovereignty of several Caribbean islands. In the British Virgin Islands decision-making controlled by a Governor on behalf of Her Majesty's Government, on decriminalising cannabis await the authorisation of the British Home Secretary.

Bajan Workers Reject PM’s Call To Tone Down Struggle For Their Rights

Facing this difficult situation, workers have found that their unions have not been there to defend their interests since many of the union leaders are closely connected to the ruling Barbados Labour Party [BLP] and have been reluctant to take a stand that would be seen as creating problems for the BLP government. In these conditions, the workers have taken matters into their own hands in order to secure their rights.