International Observers Report on Venezuela Elections


Around 150 international observers have participated in the entire electoral process from different countries and continents, representatives of various political and social organizations and international personalities, we want to express our gratitude for the attention received and the efforts made by the National Electoral Council [CNE] to guarantee our presence in Venezuela to carry out our task with absolute freedom and without any type of conditioning in this context of global pandemics due to COVID-19, the political, economic, financial and multifactorial blockade, which we condemn and also demand the end of all types of external interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

We value the democratic tradition of the Venezuelan people and government, which in the last 20 years has carried out 25 electoral processes, which have guaranteed in each election the possibility that all those political forces that wanted to participate could do so without any type of conditioning, always respecting the constitution, the laws in force and the results that express the popular will.

We reject the external interference and previous expressions of non-recognition of the electoral process by the governments of the United States, Canada and the European Union, which, having been invited with all guarantees to audit and witness the elections, preferred not to send electoral observation missions. We ask these governments to recognize and respect what was issued at the ballot box.

Yesterday, the Venezuelan citizens were able to elect the 277 representatives that will make up the Legislative Assembly for the period 2021/2026, where we highlight as a great inclusive democratic advance respect for the autonomy of indigenous peoples who are going to elect their parliamentary representatives respecting the ancestral guidelines, the uses and customs of each of the original peoples. We want to congratulate the Venezuelan people for their participation and for sovereignly expressing their will and commitment, within a framework of respect, tolerance and plurality. The different groups of observers toured various voting poll centers in the city of Caracas, neighboring cities and inland states, where beyond some delays arising from the situation of the pandemic that affects the world, the elections began in a timely manner, with designated authorities and in most of the voting poll centers, observers from the different political forces participating in the elections were present.

Voters at the entrance to the voting centers who were waiting to be able to cast their vote followed the recommendations indicated by the authorities regarding distance and care. At all times within the voting poll centers, the electoral authorities, partisan observers and voters had the personal protection elements and chemicals (antiseptic gel-sprays) indicated for the prevention of COVID-19.

The elections proceeded normally, the current electoral machines allowed to speed up and facilitate the voting process. Solidarity criteria were applied to allow people with motor difficulties, the elderly or pregnant women to avoid waiting. We recommend for future elections to choose voting poll centers with ramps that allow access for wheelchairs or other orthopedic uses.

During the election day we toured and talked with the voters, authorities and electoral witnesses without any type of conditioning or interference, autonomous tours were established and carried out and in all establishments we found a framework of respect and democratic coexistence, being present overseers or observers belonging to the different parties of the opposition and the ruling party; At the time of closing and the scrutiny of the different tables in which we were present, they were normal and without observations.


1- We want to express and congratulate the CNE that in a context of a global pandemic caused by COVID 19 and the national and international political circumstances known to all, they guaranteed health security at all polling stations and provided the chemical and physical elements to develop the task of the voting poll centers authorities, observers and voters.
2- We want to congratulate the Venezuelan people who, in the current circumstances and health risks, participated with their presence and exercising the citizen’s right to choose and be elected, the National Assembly has been established for the period 2021/26.
3- The electoral platform demonstrated that it facilitates the election for the voter, shortens the time of presence of the voters in the voting poll centers and guarantees that what they chose is expressed in the results of the elections. That what is called Herradura Electoral guarantees that popular sovereignty is respected and recognized in the final result, providing legality and legitimacy to candidates freely chosen by citizens.
4- Finally, the international observers present want to express our appreciation for the excellent work carried out by the CNE in conducting these elections, which in this health and political context, was able to guarantee all the technological and health supplies so that they will take carried out, within a framework of individual and collective care, we also congratulate the Venezuelan people, the participating political forces, all the authorities, the security forces involved in the
Republic Plan, the organization and development of this peaceful civic day, which It has allowed, complying with the constitution, the laws in force and respecting the popular will, they have elected the new National Assembly.

Caracas on the 7th day of the month of December 2020

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[Photo caption – Charge D’Affaires of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Barbados, Mr. Alvaro Sanchez Cordero, and Secretary General of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration, Mr. David Denny at media conference on the Venezuelan Parliamentary elections]
[Photos provided by David Denny]

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