Who We Are As Bajans

In reality the government’s new found love of defining Bajan-ness is not because they have suddenly discovered a desire to understand the cultural and psychological essence of what it is to be Bajan. Quite the contrary. The government’s intention is to use its definition as a weapon to stifle the struggle of the workers for their rights. Once

Barbados Hotel Workers Join Forces, Demand What’s Theirs

Approximately 60 laid-off staffers from three South Coast hotels mounted a joint “wildcat” protest threatening that, in the absence of definitive answers from their former employers and/or the Government, the protests would increase and intensify. Collectively, the workers want to be paid their severance, they want to know who will be responsible for paying it, and as the Christmas Season reaches its climax, they want to know how soon they will receive it.

Workers Defend Right To Livelihood

Employees of Ready-Mix Ltd will spend the Christmas season with a bitter taste in their mouths, after being laid-off abruptly and subsequently locked out of their place of employment while attempting to collect the documents necessary to file for their unemployment benefits. The surprise actions have also raised suspicions among workers about the breakdown of … Continue reading Workers Defend Right To Livelihood

Covid 19, Dengue Fever and Health Care in the Caribbean

It is clear that governments across the region are failing their citizens with regard to providing healthcare. Underpinning this lack is the fact that many regional governments pay out more in debt servicing than they invest in developing the healthcare systems. This means that they are left holding out a begging bowl when confronted by health care challenges.