Cuba Reinforces Henry Reeve Medical Brigade in Barbados

Cuba’s Foreign Affairs Ministry on Monday confirmed the arrival of additional health personnel in Barbados to support the Henry Reeve medical brigade’s work on tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group consists of four laboratory specialists and 11 physicians who are specialized in epidemiology, anesthesiology, physiotherapy, and adult and pediatric intensive care. 

The laboratory specialists will be stationed at the Best Dos Santos central laboratory where real-time polymerase chain reaction tests are carried out to determine COVID-19 cases. 

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The new personnel will join 99 Cuban professionals who were deployed in the national health system’s facilities last year. 

Barbados received the first group made up solely of nurses in the history of Cuban international medical collaboration in June last year. The contingent was integrated by 101 nurses.

Mobilizing over 3,800 professionals, the Henry Reeve brigade has assisted over 39 nations to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Cuban Foreign Ministry infographic on Henry Reeve Brigade

The first international aid provided by the brigade was in Guatemala where 688 doctors assisted over 477,000 people affected by the floods in 2005. 

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