Dominica Joins the European List of Tax Havens

If a country or overseas territory is listed as a tax haven, it losses access to European funds. This Caribbean nation was included on the list due to its failure to implement the recommendations made by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Global Forum on Transparency and Information Exchange, which recently called the Caribbean country's tax policy "partially compliant."

The National Workers Union Wants Labour Commissioner’s Intervention In Bank of Saint Lucia Dispute

The National Workers Union (NWU) has written to Labour Commissioner Cornelia Jn Baptiste requesting her intervention in an industrial dispute between the Management of Bank of Saint Lucia [BOSL] and the National Workers Union. The NWU’s request to the Commissioner stated clearly that a Protocol Accord was agreed upon after two (2) general meetings held … Continue reading The National Workers Union Wants Labour Commissioner’s Intervention In Bank of Saint Lucia Dispute

Barbados: IMF Signals Looming Attack On Public Sector Workers’ Pensions

These statements from van Selm demonstrate the colonial nature of the relationship between the IMF delegation and the Barbados government and the anti-people direction of the structural reforms. It lays bare the reality that the IMF is directing economic and social policy in Barbados and driving the legislation to achieve its neo-liberal goals.

COVID-19: Long-Term Support For Biotech Yields Vaccine Promise In Cuba

That the small Caribbean island is ahead of many more developed countries in the race to find an effective vaccine may seem surprising. Yet decades of experience and investment in Cuba’s biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, which in its early stages was supported by UNIDO and other international organizations, have enabled the industry to direct resources quickly and efficiently towards emergency vaccine development.

Kepone In Guadeloupe and Martinique: The Injustices In France’s Overseas Departments Are Coming To Light

With soil, waterways, livestock and agricultural stocks poisoned, thousands of people have been physically affected. An estimated 95 percent of Guadeloupeans and 92 percent of Martiniquans have been exposed to the pesticide, and the departments had the highest rates of prostate cancer in the world in 2018. A parliamentary committee of inquiry led by Martiniquan member of Parliament Serge Letchimy has demonstrated that the contamination could affect children’s brain development and increase the risk of premature births. According to the document, the state has been aware of the potential danger of chlordecone since 1969.

Sweet Potato Is The Caribbean’s Regenerative Giant

Identified as the fifth most important food crop in the developing world, and one of the main crops identified for Caribbean food security, sweet potatoes produce more biomass and nutrients per hectare than any other food crop and provide benefits to the environment, the community and the economy.