St. Lucia – Minister Says Windjammer Resort In Breach Of Labour Code

Labour Minister Stephenson King has told reporters that Windjammer Landing Resort has breached Saint Lucia’s labour code and faces penalties.

King was responding to a question about employers taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to lay off staff and rehire for less.

“We have been monitoring the situation with a clinical eye,” the Minister explained.

As a result, King said labour officials have been able to address several concerns.

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According to the Castries North MP, the most recent related to the situation at Windjammer. King explained that the property allowed employees to return to work beyond the layoff period. He told reporters at that point, the employees had qualified for redundancy. “The union were the ones who made the complaint,” he said. The Minister said officials therefore launched an investigation. “We are resolving the situation,” King told reporters. “We have also been able to deal with them on matters of work permit violations and there is likely to be a penalty or a decision to make a determination according to the law to penalise them for those violations,” he asserted.

King said Windjammer  breached the labour code and allowed the redundancy period to mature, while failing to pay the workers on time.

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