Puerto Rico -‘No to statehood, Yes to decolonization’

Hundreds of protesters [recently] demanded the decolonization of Puerto Rico, despite the escalation of Covid-19, and repudiated the annexation promoted by the New Progressive Party (PNP).

The march of the committee ‘No to statehood, Yes to decolonization’ moved from Luis Muñoz Rivera Park to El Capitolio, seat of the Legislative Assembly, on the island of San Juan to establish its rejection of the domination of the United States .

“Colonialism is what keeps Puerto Rico impoverished, with an undemocratic system that has allowed a fiscal control board to be imposed on it with powers that punish our people, and annexation is enlarged colonialism,” said Juan Dalmau Ramírez, Secretary General of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP).

Meanwhile, the co-president of the Hostosian National Independence Movement (MINH), José Rivera Santana, highlighted the importance of sending the message to Washington that ‘Puerto Rico is a nation, we are a Latin American people, so not statehood (annexation) It is not possible, but decolonization and sovereignty. ‘

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The group of women Las Lolitas carried out a performance, using a toy pistol with a red rose in the barrel, in honor of Lolita Lebrón (1919 -2010), who in 1954 led a nationalist commando that fired in the hemicycle of the House of Representatives of the United States to denounce the colonial domination of Washington.

Deputy Denis Márquez Lebrón pointed out that “once again, we are with the PIP in the street, to denounce a fiscal control board that is the crudest expression of colonialism, therefore, we have to insist on this decolonization process.”

He added that the PIP has invited the country to seek procedural consensus, consensus to advance that process and clearly we also march against annexation, which the New Progressive Party (PNP) aspires to the people.

‘Every opportunity to affirm our nationality and our sovereignty, and to repudiate the false mandate of statehood is important to use it and this will help us continue educating in the United States and in Congress,’ said former MP Luis Vega Ramos, of the Party. Popular Democratic (PPD).

Senator María de Lourdes Santiago, from the PIP, assured Prensa Latina that we are in a new expression of colonialism, the specific interest of military bases has disappeared, the economic interest that is manifested in privatization at the hands of foreign companies prevails.

The young pro-independence leaders Gabriel Casals and Adriana Gutiérrez read a statement from the platform in which they claimed to the US president, Joe Biden, and to the Congress that Puerto Rico does not want annexation.

Other organizations that participated in the march were the Alianza Pro Libre Asociación Soberana (ALAS), the Unión Soberanista Movement (MUS), Boricuas Unidos en la Diaspora, the Puerto Rican Front, the Sovereign Dialogue and the Revolutionary Party of Puerto Rican Workers (PRTP-Macheteros) .

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[Photo Credit – Prensa Latina]

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