SVG – Teachers vote to withdraw online teaching for three days

Having been recently added to the list of “frontline workers” for whom a COVID19 vaccine is a requirement, teachers are hitting back with three suggestions that they want Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and his Cabinet to consider prior to their return to physical classrooms. 

UK Fruit Farms Accused of ‘Modern Day Slavery’

Any worker that failed to meet minimum picking targets would be dismissed or if possible, transferred to another farm. Papers also show that workers would pay for their own work clothes, laundry, gas and electric, and pay for beds in shared rooms, with no paid breaks, buy their own food, with an upfront deposit being taken for any damage to the communal kitchen and toilets which they would need to clean.  

Cuba – Important Role in Tackling COVID-19 Virus

Several factors explain the success of Cuba’s national vaccination programme: people trust the easily accessible neighbourhood family doctors and nurses and the health professionals at their community polyclinics, making vaccine hesitancy very rare. In turn, the health system’s organisational capacities make vaccine rollout fast and dependable. Finally, Cuban biotechnological research and production centres are well-integrated with the needs of the public health system.

Barbados – Crisis of Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness Looms

Some of the country’s leading non-profit organisations are pleading with Government to dedicate more of the country’s resources to fight a looming crisis of poverty, hunger and homelessness overshadowed by the pandemic. Director of the Caribbean Anti Human- Trafficking Foundation, Dr Olivia Smith declared that in the midst of a massive national vaccine drive to … Continue reading Barbados – Crisis of Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness Looms

Antigua and Barbuda – Legal Challenge To Vaccine Mandate

The Gaston Browne led administration in Antigua and Barbuda is under pressure from unions and public sector workers, after its vaccination mandate last week. So far, three workers unions in Antigua and Barbuda have sought legal counsel in an effort to challenge the government’s vaccine mandate.