St Lucia recommits to Venezuela, prepares to exit Lima Group

CASTRIES, St Lucia – Minister for external affairs, international trade, civil aviation and diaspora affairs, Alva Baptiste has begun to repair Saint Lucia’s “largely destroyed relationships abroad” with a recommitment to Venezuela and according to the minister “with immediate effect we are going to get out of the Lima Group arrangement.”

Jamaica – Santiago de Cuba Welcomes Solidarity from Neighbour

Jamaica´s solidarity gesture follows similar support provided by China, Russia, Mexico, and Nicaragua. |As Cuba faces a severe outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 after it managed to contain it during 2020, the U.S. blockade against the island has toughened, hindering Cuba's ability to access materials to tackle the crisis well as food and other supplies.

Emancipation Day 2021- Two Readings from the History of Slavery

On August 1, 1838, enslaved African people across the Caribbean and the British Empire were freed. Freedom was an end-point, but we must not forget the beginning point. The British had been in the region since 1623, and African arrival is traceable to 1627 in Barbados. On August 20, 1619, 20 Africans from Angola were brought by the Portuguese to Virginia, then a British colony, and sold to colonists as slaves. This was African arrival in America. It is no coincidence that African slavery in the Caribbean and the United States took root at about the same time, and that there was symbiosis between slavery here and there. Black Stalin eloquently summarises this as De Same Ship.

Caricom Threatens Boycott of OAS

The letter noted that although efforts had been made to get Cuba back into the organization, including the passage of a resolution in 2009 that “the participation of the Republic of Cuba in the OAS will be the result of a process of dialogue initiated at the request of the Government of Cuba”, Cuba has made no effort to re-join the organization and has publicly said that it will not do so.

CARICOM at World Trade Organisation Negotiations on Fisheries Subsidies

While Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States have welcomed the progress on the Fisheries Subsidies negotiations, they have signalled that further adjustments are required, underlining the necessity for special and differential treatment (SDT) for small developing states.

Assassination of President Jovenel Moïse and the Situation Facing the Haitian People

This interview was conducted during the week following the assassination on July 7 of Haiti’s President, Jovenel Moïse. Since then, on July 20, Ariel Henry was sworn in as Haiti’s Prime Minister. Henry had been a cabinet minister in previous governments, including that of President Michel Martelly in 2015 and 2016. His appointment follows an agreement with acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph who resigned on July 19 to make way for Henry to assume the position. Interview, Frantz André, Solidarité Québec-Haïti