UK Fruit Farms Accused of ‘Modern Day Slavery’

Any worker that failed to meet minimum picking targets would be dismissed or if possible, transferred to another farm. Papers also show that workers would pay for their own work clothes, laundry, gas and electric, and pay for beds in shared rooms, with no paid breaks, buy their own food, with an upfront deposit being taken for any damage to the communal kitchen and toilets which they would need to clean.  

Cuba – Important Role in Tackling COVID-19 Virus

Several factors explain the success of Cuba’s national vaccination programme: people trust the easily accessible neighbourhood family doctors and nurses and the health professionals at their community polyclinics, making vaccine hesitancy very rare. In turn, the health system’s organisational capacities make vaccine rollout fast and dependable. Finally, Cuban biotechnological research and production centres are well-integrated with the needs of the public health system.

Barbados – Crisis of Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness Looms

Some of the country’s leading non-profit organisations are pleading with Government to dedicate more of the country’s resources to fight a looming crisis of poverty, hunger and homelessness overshadowed by the pandemic. Director of the Caribbean Anti Human- Trafficking Foundation, Dr Olivia Smith declared that in the midst of a massive national vaccine drive to … Continue reading Barbados – Crisis of Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness Looms

Puerto Rico -‘No to statehood, Yes to decolonization’

"Colonialism is what keeps Puerto Rico impoverished, with an undemocratic system that has allowed a fiscal control board to be imposed on it with powers that punish our people, and annexation is enlarged colonialism," said Juan Dalmau Ramírez, Secretary General of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP).

SVG – Public Service Union And Nurses Vote To Strike

The union in a release stated that the government has refused to or failed to listen to workers with respect to their human and constitutional rights and freedoms. In light of this, the PSU has notified the Governor-General of the intention of the withdrawal of service, in keeping with the provision of such action as outlined in the Essential Services Act.

Barbados – Town Hall Meetings On COVID-19 Vaccinations And Testing

The opposition to the coercive Covid vaccine policy is just. There is no reason why a Covid containment policy could not respect workers’ rights to choose to be vaccinated or not. Given that employers carry primary responsibility for maintaining a healthy and safe working environment, it follows that the cost for any regular PCR testing that they deem necessary for maintaining such an environment should be borne by them. These are demands that all working people should unite around, whether they choose to be vaccinated or not.