Barbados – Town Hall Meetings On COVID-19 Vaccinations And Testing

The opposition to the coercive Covid vaccine policy is just. There is no reason why a Covid containment policy could not respect workers’ rights to choose to be vaccinated or not. Given that employers carry primary responsibility for maintaining a healthy and safe working environment, it follows that the cost for any regular PCR testing that they deem necessary for maintaining such an environment should be borne by them. These are demands that all working people should unite around, whether they choose to be vaccinated or not.  

Barbados – Nation Building Project Imbued With A Long Tradition of Rebellion

Throughout the Caribbean region there are nation building projects underway. At different stages of development and with diverse content the state behind each territory and the nation itself have each evolving since conception in the late 18th century. The State in each country initially formed as an entity to manage chattel slavery. for nation building a process involving populating the region with enslaved people from Africa and the Caribbean and to a lesser extent indentured people from the Indian subcontinent. Up until today the state in each country is imbued with colonialist content and substance. The nation in formation by contrast is undergoing birth pains due to the imprint of colonialist thinking. Conclusion being that the the nation must be built on a new historical basis with the masses at the head and with a state which correlates with that transformation.

Barbados: IMF Signals Looming Attack On Public Sector Workers’ Pensions

These statements from van Selm demonstrate the colonial nature of the relationship between the IMF delegation and the Barbados government and the anti-people direction of the structural reforms. It lays bare the reality that the IMF is directing economic and social policy in Barbados and driving the legislation to achieve its neo-liberal goals.

Nationality Law Change Could See Barbados Grant Citizenship to Descendants Of Settlers in Liberia

The Bajan plan hopes to boost its population, currently 290,000, by availing multi-generational diaspora descendants citizenship of the island. The change would mean that, providing they can prove it, descendants of the Island who settled in Liberia beginning in April 1865 and after could be in line for citizenship of Barbados.

Bajan Workers Reject PM’s Call To Tone Down Struggle For Their Rights

Facing this difficult situation, workers have found that their unions have not been there to defend their interests since many of the union leaders are closely connected to the ruling Barbados Labour Party [BLP] and have been reluctant to take a stand that would be seen as creating problems for the BLP government. In these conditions, the workers have taken matters into their own hands in order to secure their rights.