Language and Culture Preservation: The Impact of Creole on Dominica’s Education System

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Embarrassed By The CXC Dilemma

The only UNICEF-appointed Children Champion in the Caribbean Marshall-Harris said there is an urgent need to rectify the controversy which surrounds alleged discrepancies in the grading system which has led to students across the region applying for reviews. The children advocate said the worst story she has heard regarding the controversy came out of Belize where it was only discovered recently that examination papers have been lost and were not corrected. Marshall-Harris said the situation is horrific and causes her to feel deeply for the students who took the examinations last school year and got poor showing out of no-fault of their own.

The CXC Exam Crisis 2020: Communication Is A Good Thing

CXC’s poor communications response, nearly eight weeks into this debacle, only compounds the questions regarding CXC’s competence. Hard truths are still truths; defensiveness and refusal to accept ownership of even some of these challenges destroy public trust, which is almost impossible to regain thereafter.

Parents Group Persists in Demand for CXC Resolution

The concerned group said it believed CXC had all the information it needed to start a re-grading, while suggesting that the examination body should “scrap the revised grading methodology and algorithm that was used for calculating and assigning 2020 results, which clearly failed”.

Open Letter to Caribbean Examinations Council [CXC]

While the entire region is in uproar at their incompetency to provide accurate results reflective of students’ efforts and capabilities, they continue to provide us with computer generated responses about paying for a query or review of results. Why should we have to pay for a mistake on their part, when there is clearly something wrong with the system?