Guyana Court of Appeal Sets Aside Explosives Conviction, Sentence Of Donald Rodney

The Guyana Court of Appeal on Tuesday set aside the conviction and 18-month sentence for possession of explosives against Donald Rodney- –the brother of Guyanese politician and historian Dr. Walter Rodney who was killed in a bomb blast 40 years ago. “We will  allow the appeal and set aside the conviction and sentence and a … Continue reading Guyana Court of Appeal Sets Aside Explosives Conviction, Sentence Of Donald Rodney

Dutch Exhibition Offers New Insight Into Resistance of Enslaved People

Berbice, now part of Guyana, was a Dutch colony for two centuries, and in 1763 approximately 350 white Europeans were keeping an estimated 4,000 slaves on coffee, cotton and sugar plantations in increasingly barbaric conditions, even by the cruel standards of the time. “The history of the Berbice uprising is important as it shows that our colonial past is laced with histories of revolt and resistance.".Cuffy’s story, among others highlighted “the kind of heroism that has not easily penetrated the history books: black, enslaved, and fighting to the bitter end for their own freedom.”

Emancipation Support Committee Warns – US Military Attack on Venezuela May Be Imminent

The US military threat has been manifest for several months. For example, military assets placed in the Caribbean sea were detailed in the Miami Herald as early as April 4, 2020, by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. These included Navy destroyers, Coast Guard cutters, Navy littoral combat ships, helicopters, Navy P-8 patrol aircraft, along with Air Force E-3 AWACS and E-8 JSTARS to carry out airborne surveillance, control, and communications.

Foreign Interference in Guyana Must End

The current electoral crisis in that country is, itself, the product of previous foreign interference, when in 1953, the British and Americans overthrew the first government elected on the basis of universal suffrage and the British army occupied the country. Using its well tested colonial policy of ‘divide and rule’ the British instigated splits in the anti-colonial movement and divided the people on the basis of whether they originated from Africa or India. This communal division and its attendant racism have become institutionalised in Guyana and are the source of the current election stalemate.