Trinidad and Tobago – Workers Leaders Cautious On Covid 19 Edict

The most important voice in the debate on Covid19, vaccines and re-opening the economy are the workers who have maintained, defended and protected the foundations of the economy and the society, especially since Lockdown began in March 2020. Their voice, concerns and proposals for opening up or not and how to do so are paramount. To vaccinate or not is secondary debate and a personal matter for each individual and not the reason for a manufactured controversy manipulated to create splits and tension in the society when calm, rationality and objectivity is vital. Apparently disingenuous arguments of the government whilst seeming to violate the right to a livelihood of workers seems to be behind Union leaders skepticism on vaccines. Reports that the governments apparent ultimatums are mirrored in practice with the business community imposing vaccine ultimatums on workers attest to this. Same companies who reportedly prioritise profit over employees health safety and workers right to a livelihood. Workers TU leaders are obliged to take a stand in defence of their members rights.

The National Workers Union Wants Labour Commissioner’s Intervention In Bank of Saint Lucia Dispute

The National Workers Union (NWU) has written to Labour Commissioner Cornelia Jn Baptiste requesting her intervention in an industrial dispute between the Management of Bank of Saint Lucia [BOSL] and the National Workers Union. The NWU’s request to the Commissioner stated clearly that a Protocol Accord was agreed upon after two (2) general meetings held … Continue reading The National Workers Union Wants Labour Commissioner’s Intervention In Bank of Saint Lucia Dispute

Sweet Potato Is The Caribbean’s Regenerative Giant

Identified as the fifth most important food crop in the developing world, and one of the main crops identified for Caribbean food security, sweet potatoes produce more biomass and nutrients per hectare than any other food crop and provide benefits to the environment, the community and the economy.