Barbados – Nation Building Project Imbued With A Long Tradition of Rebellion

Throughout the Caribbean region there are nation building projects underway. At different stages of development and with diverse content the state behind each territory and the nation itself have each evolving since conception in the late 18th century. The State in each country initially formed as an entity to manage chattel slavery. for nation building a process involving populating the region with enslaved people from Africa and the Caribbean and to a lesser extent indentured people from the Indian subcontinent. Up until today the state in each country is imbued with colonialist content and substance. The nation in formation by contrast is undergoing birth pains due to the imprint of colonialist thinking. Conclusion being that the the nation must be built on a new historical basis with the masses at the head and with a state which correlates with that transformation.

Barbados/U.K. – Protesters Demand MP Pay Up For Family’s Slave Trade Past

Last December the Observer and Sunday Mirror revealed that Drax personally controlled the Drax Hall plantation in Barbados, which his family has owned since 1650 and was worked by slaves for 200 years. We also revealed Drax – who is said to enjoy a Downton Abbey lifestyle – is the wealthiest landowning MP, worth at least £150m, with an estate of 22.5 square miles of Dorset and 125 properties including his 17th century mansion.

Haiti – Armed “Revolutionary Force” Announced

“We note that for more than 40 years, the country has been controlled by a small group of people who decide everything (fè e defè),” said the FRG-9 leader and spokesman, Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier, a former elite police officer, referring to Haiti’s tiny bourgeoisie. “They put guns into the poor neighborhoods for us to fight with one another for their benefit.”

A Refection from Trinidad and Tobago

The African presence in selected locales on the planet today is as follows: USA, 44 million (or 13.4 per cent of population); Canada, 1.2 million (3.5 per cent); UK, 1.9 million (3.0 per cent); Brazil, 14.5 million (7.6 per cent); France three-five million (7.5 per cent). The African presence in Germany is one million, (about one per cent of population), and in Portugal 150,500 (1.5 per cent). Here in the Caribbean the African presence is 20 million, with Haiti a great contributor, and with our country contributing about half a million.

‘Barbados Government Afraid Of White Ruling Class’

Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration Leader Lambasts Politicians Nelson Statue Remain Standing in Bridgetown The President of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration (CMPI) is accusing the Government of being afraid of what he has described as the white ruling class power in Barbados. During a protest at Heroes Square, The City, this … Continue reading ‘Barbados Government Afraid Of White Ruling Class’


Nirmal Maraj and Dylan Kerrigan “Racial capitalism” is a brutal socio-economic system. Regionally across the small islands nations and countries of the Caribbean the scars of this system are everywhere. They include the collision of colonialism and capitalism and the legacies of exploitation and dependency that emerged from centuries of structural racism. These include; the transhistorical … Continue reading COVID-19 AND THE IMPACT OF RACIAL CAPITALISM IN THE CARIBBEAN