Dominica Joins the European List of Tax Havens

If a country or overseas territory is listed as a tax haven, it losses access to European funds. This Caribbean nation was included on the list due to its failure to implement the recommendations made by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Global Forum on Transparency and Information Exchange, which recently called the Caribbean country's tax policy "partially compliant."

The National Workers Union Wants Labour Commissioner’s Intervention In Bank of Saint Lucia Dispute

The National Workers Union (NWU) has written to Labour Commissioner Cornelia Jn Baptiste requesting her intervention in an industrial dispute between the Management of Bank of Saint Lucia [BOSL] and the National Workers Union. The NWU’s request to the Commissioner stated clearly that a Protocol Accord was agreed upon after two (2) general meetings held … Continue reading The National Workers Union Wants Labour Commissioner’s Intervention In Bank of Saint Lucia Dispute

Kepone In Guadeloupe and Martinique: The Injustices In France’s Overseas Departments Are Coming To Light

With soil, waterways, livestock and agricultural stocks poisoned, thousands of people have been physically affected. An estimated 95 percent of Guadeloupeans and 92 percent of Martiniquans have been exposed to the pesticide, and the departments had the highest rates of prostate cancer in the world in 2018. A parliamentary committee of inquiry led by Martiniquan member of Parliament Serge Letchimy has demonstrated that the contamination could affect children’s brain development and increase the risk of premature births. According to the document, the state has been aware of the potential danger of chlordecone since 1969.

Pfizer and the Sovereign: Cuba’s COVID19 vaccine offers an interesting counterpoint to the Pfizer roll-out in the US

As of this writing, there are six approved vaccines and over 50 candidates in development. In the UK, the NHS recently started administering the Pfizer BioNTech mRNA vaccine, and the US followed suit one week later. COVID19 vaccine development has reinvigorated a certain type of vaccine nationalism not seen for decades. Each vaccine or candidate gets a particular pedigree, narrative and aura of trustworthiness according to its origins. The vaccines and candidates are a mix of private-sector developed or public/private partnership, with only a few candidates from universities or the public sector (WHO, 2020). In Cuba’s state-run socialist biopharmaceutical system, their new COVID19 vaccine, called Soberana or “The Sovereign,” is effortlessly enfolded into a long-standing national narrative of vaccine prowess.

‘Barbados Government Afraid Of White Ruling Class’

Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration Leader Lambasts Politicians Nelson Statue Remain Standing in Bridgetown The President of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration (CMPI) is accusing the Government of being afraid of what he has described as the white ruling class power in Barbados. During a protest at Heroes Square, The City, this … Continue reading ‘Barbados Government Afraid Of White Ruling Class’

Government Development Plans – In Keeping With People’s Needs?

NEW buildings, paved roads and community centers — all known activities and actions taken by governments to secure votes for ruling parties — have been the norm for years. But people’s needs are a-plenty and We The People have long come to value more than just concrete structures, as we also have to worry daily about law and order, food security, education, healthcare, employment, as well as preservation of our lands.

#GETT2020 – Emancipation Support Committee Call For End to Post-Election Racist Statements.

We cannot continue on a road that will lead to the destruction of our country. We are still at a point where sanity about race relationships is strong enough in both our communities, where there is enough genuine goodwill and recognition of our co-dependence and common interests for us to arrest what is potentially a very destructive slide. As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Black Power revolution in Trinidad and Tobago we need to revisit its lessons which can teach us the principled path to achieving harmony in diversity in a society which needs it, even more so with the challenges which are just ahead.

Dominican Republic – The Empire’s Caribbean Democracy and Corruption Showcase

The country is unable to resolve its myriad deep challenges, due to this rampant corruption. Some of its grim statistics are: Over 700,000 youth which neither work nor study (known as the "ninis"), a spine chilling high rate of murders of women by their partners which the government mostly ignores, an endemic rate of child marriages, rampant poverty in large sectors of society, a public health system on the edge, and large sectors of the population without running water, as well as constant blackouts which particularly affect the commercial sector.