Organisation of American States (OAS) Accommodation of Guaidó Attack on Trinidad and Tobago Wrongly Allowed But Rightly Resisted

Events at the Organisation of American States (OAS) continue to reveal that, notwithstanding the efforts by some of its 33 member states, the Organisation is the handmaiden of powerful governments which control it through various methods.

International Observers Report on Venezuela Elections

The different groups of observers toured various voting poll centers in the city of Caracas, neighboring cities and inland states, where beyond some delays arising from the situation of the pandemic that affects the world, the elections began in a timely manner, with designated authorities and in most of the voting poll centers, observers from the different political forces participating in the elections were present.

Venezuelan Party Rejects Pompeo’s Threats, Refutes UN Commission on Human Rights Manipulation

We consider that the report presented by the Independent International Mission of the United Nations Organization (UN) has serious methodological weaknesses that make it unreliable since it was not prepared in situ and, according to the authors themselves, much of the research was based on in information published on social networks (twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.) as well as alleged confidential interviews.

Statement From Working People’s Alliance on Pompeo’s Guyana Visit

WPA believes that the arrival in Guyana of the USA Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, on the heels of the active role of the US diplomatic operatives and the Secretary himself in the recently concluded General and Regional elections is not accidental. The fact that the Secretary is also visiting neighboring Suriname is also noted. … Continue reading Statement From Working People’s Alliance on Pompeo’s Guyana Visit

Emancipation Support Committee Warns – US Military Attack on Venezuela May Be Imminent

The US military threat has been manifest for several months. For example, military assets placed in the Caribbean sea were detailed in the Miami Herald as early as April 4, 2020, by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. These included Navy destroyers, Coast Guard cutters, Navy littoral combat ships, helicopters, Navy P-8 patrol aircraft, along with Air Force E-3 AWACS and E-8 JSTARS to carry out airborne surveillance, control, and communications.

Movement for Social Justice [MSJ] Questions Motives behind Pompeo’s Visit to Guyana

The MSJ calls on regional governments to stand their ground on the well-established principles of international relations and to let the Government of Guyana know that it must not allow itself to be used as a pawn in the US agenda of regime change in Venezuela.

U.S Secretary of State’s Visit to Guyana

Organization for the Victory of the People (OVP) opposes US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s visit to Guyana at this time because we believe that the primary purpose of his visit is to persuade the PPP Regime to allow Guyana to be used as a base to attack our western neighbour, Venezuela. We call on the PPP Government to reject any proposal from Mike Pompeo which would trample on Guyana and Venezuela’s sovereignty and God-given right to self-determination.

Guyana Human Rights Association Responds to Imminent Visit of US Secretary of State

Rumours of an ‘October surprise’ in the form of pressure on Venezuela prior to elections in both the US and Venezuela have been intensifying for some time. Economic and military pressure along with covert operations and disinformation campaigns have been reported, involving Colombian and Brazilian military. Some form of invasion or uprising has not been ruled out, supposedly timed to impact on the US elections in a manner beneficial to President Trump.