Reparations – Expanding the Global Movement

Streamed live Friday, April 22, 2022 — A Public Discussion and Reflections on the Historic 2015 International Reparations Summit With the National African American Reparations Commission and the Caricom Reparations Commission. Over 200 leaders and advocates from 22 nations revisited the 2015 Reparations Summit in New York, birth of the NAARC, the CRC’s contribution to galvanizing the movement on four continents and bringing Africa fully on-board.

Barbados – “Operation Safe Space”

The juvenile justice system in Barbados is completely broken and despite the country having international obligations under conventions such as Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women [CEDAW], the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Convention of Belém do Pará, old colonial practices persist. The

Cuba – Reflections on Cuba

Cuba survives and in many respects is flourishing. Its health system is also one of the best in the world and entirely free, including dental services. It has taken very effective measures against Covid, and has even sent medical teams to assist other countries, produced several vaccines and fully vaccinated the vast majority of the population. It clearly takes health seriously and everyone still wears a mask in all public areas, including the streets. Its education system is also entirely free at all levels up to and including university and it manages to provide books at prices that appear to be much lower than the production cost.

British Virgin Islands

British colonialists established and protect the extant Caribbean political structures; they also established financial and political corruption to maintain their rule, and for aggrandising themselves. BVI remains a colony, an anachronism in the world aspiring to equality. The hypocritical U.K. government now castigating its pupil for not learning how to perfect the dirty dealing taught to its colonies over centuries.

Cuba – Everything Within the Revolution

In a major interview with James Count Early Cuban intellectual Esteban Morales Dominguez shares insight into Cuba's recent history, the problems confronting the country, how the issues of racism and discrimination have evolved since the Spanish conquest, and his life and participation in the island's revolutionary transformation.

Caribbean – Unwelcome Guests Stalk Region

There is no logical reason why these insulting and demeaning visits should be allowed to continue. The governments of the region should make it clear that no further such visits will be entertained until the British government accepts its guilt for the crimes it committed and declares unequivocally its willingness to pay reparations.