Venezuela Elections


US Dragooning CARICOM Into Its Continued Efforts To Overthrow The Democratically Elected Government of Venezuela By A.T. Freeman Following the successfully concluded parliamentary elections in Venezuela on 6 December, the United States has stepped up its illegal efforts to overthrow the government in that country and replace it with a hand chosen puppet. Calm and … Continue reading Venezuela Elections

Covid 19, Dengue Fever and Health Care in the Caribbean


It is clear that governments across the region are failing their citizens with regard to providing healthcare. Underpinning this lack is the fact that many regional governments pay out more in debt servicing than they invest in developing the healthcare systems. This means that they are left holding out a begging bowl when confronted by health care challenges.

When The Arsonist Returns To The Scene Of The Crime Dressed As A Firefighter


The people of Guyana cannot put their faith in those who set the country on fire in 1953 nor those who have been fanning the flames ever since for their own benefit. They need to rediscover the unity that served them so well in the anti-colonial struggle and use it to plot an escape from the division, killing and insecurity generated by the communalism and racism that currently plague them.

Covid 19 ‘Support’ For The Caribbean Means More Debt


These Covid 19 ‘support measures’ have the effect of deepening the debt crisis in the region. In fact, they go in the opposite direction to the statement of Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of the United Nation's Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), speaking at a meeting of Caribbean Heads of State and Finance Ministers with ECLAC, at the end of April. In her statement to the meeting, Bárcena declared that since the Caribbean is the world's most highly indebted region, “borrowing is not the answer to confront this crisis. Caribbean countries need grant support fast.” She further added that the region also requires debt relief. Addressing the same meeting, Antigua's Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, stated that “the economic burden for our countries has been unsustainable because of the high levels of debt. We don’t have the capacity for printing money and our policy instruments are very limited."

Dutch Exhibition Offers New Insight Into Resistance of Enslaved People

Berbice, now part of Guyana, was a Dutch colony for two centuries, and in 1763 approximately 350 white Europeans were keeping an estimated 4,000 slaves on coffee, cotton and sugar plantations in increasingly barbaric conditions, even by the cruel standards of the time. “The history of the Berbice uprising is important as it shows that our colonial past is laced with histories of revolt and resistance.".Cuffy’s story, among others highlighted “the kind of heroism that has not easily penetrated the history books: black, enslaved, and fighting to the bitter end for their own freedom.”

Press Briefing on Haiti – Office Of The High Commissioner on Human Rights [UNHCR]|

The human rights violations by Haitian law enforcement officials and the human rights abuses by gang members during the social unrest of 2018-2019, are documented in a report by the Human Rights Service of the UN Integrated Office in Haiti and the UN Human Rights Office. The report shows a pattern of human rights violations and abuses followed by near lack of accountability. In addition, it documents violations to the rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. The report also documents the impacts of the demonstrations and barricades erected, especially in 2019, on the daily lives of the Haitian people. More specifically, it addresses the restrictions on their liberty of movement, their access to health care, including sexual and reproductive health, their access to education, and their right to food. It also highlights the impact of barricades in the prison population.

Nationality Law Change Could See Barbados Grant Citizenship to Descendants Of Settlers in Liberia

The Bajan plan hopes to boost its population, currently 290,000, by availing multi-generational diaspora descendants citizenship of the island. The change would mean that, providing they can prove it, descendants of the Island who settled in Liberia beginning in April 1865 and after could be in line for citizenship of Barbados.

Trump-Pompeo Parting Shots Hurt the Caribbean

In relation to Cuba - from which every Caribbean country has sought and received - vital help through the provision of medical personnel, the U.S. asks questions which are entirely the business of a sovereign State, or the business of sovereign States which have entered contracts. The questions intrude glaringly on State rights. Were the same questions put to the government of the U.S., it would quite rightly firmly reject the very audacity of asking them.

Cuba Viva – The Country That Resists And Triumphs

Speech by Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Republic of Cuba during the closure of the Ninth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power’s Sixth Ordinary Period of Sessions, at the Convention Center, December 17, 2020, Year 62 of the Revolution

The Writer as a Cultural Activist: One Hundred Years of Kriol Usage in Belizean Literature

Two of the ways by which Belizean writers have challenged the status quo and asserted their cultural identity are through their choices of subject matter and use of their mother tongues. These include, to varying degrees, Spanish, Garifuna, Maya Mopan, Maya Q’eqchi’ and Kriol. This paper focuses on the Kirol language and its deployment by Belizean writers as a form of cultural activism.

Caribbean Labour Market in Worst-Ever Crisis

The 2020 Labour Overview includes a special theme that analyzes various repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis, including the measures taken by governments to protect jobs, income, and the operation of companies in times of emergency. The report says it was an important effort, even though “in some cases there was the feeling that the aid was late, or that it was not enough to cover the lost income.”

Organisation of American States (OAS) Accommodation of Guaidó Attack on Trinidad and Tobago Wrongly Allowed But Rightly Resisted

Events at the Organisation of American States (OAS) continue to reveal that, notwithstanding the efforts by some of its 33 member states, the Organisation is the handmaiden of powerful governments which control it through various methods.